Date limite: 31 janvier 2019


Parallèles follows a comprehensive submission and reviewing protocol with a view to guarantee the quality of the contributions published in the journal.





Submitted manuscripts will first be quality controlled by the Parallèles team. If the manuscript fails to meet the journal's basic quality standards, it will be desk rejected. If found suitable for further consideration, it will enter the peer review process. Delay from submission to publication decision is 3 months, from acceptance to publication 9 to 15 months. All peer review is double blind and submission is online via EasyChair. For further information, please see Checklists.


Call for papers issue 31:2 (2019)



Deadline: 31st January 2019.


Publication date: October 2019.




Parallèles publishes one thematic issue per year, in the spring. Proposals for thematic issues are examined once a year. They should be submitted by the cut-off date of October 1st, two and a half years prior to the expected publication date. The Editorial Board will communicate its decision by November 1st. Proposals should be submitted via our online form, in either English or French.


Thematic issues must follow the general editorial policy of the journal (see Checklist for authors) and comprise three sections: (1) an introduction / state of the art by the guest editors, (2) articles, (3) book reviews. All contributions in the Articles section must be peer reviewed. Works discussed in the Book Reviews Section should be related to the subject of the thematic issue.


The first available slot for a thematic issue is in Volume 34:1 (2022). Deadline for proposals is 1st October 2019.


Thematic issues currently under preparation:


  • Issue 31:1 (2019): Mathilde Vischer Mourtzakis & Mathilde Fontanet: À la croisée des traductologies. Hommages à Lance Hewson.

  • Issue 32:1 (2020): Katrien Lievois & Catherine Gravet: La littérature belge francophone en traduction.


For previously published thematic issues see All Issues.


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